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Wrong Cover Art

I have been evaluating music management programs as I work to rip more of my CDs to my NAS. I like the look of your program, but I have a MAJOR issue. I have about 1800 albums in WMA, FLAC and some mp3 files. Media Monkey reads all of them fine and gives me the correct cover art. Helium read in all of the files, but almost all of the cover art is wrong. Some times its the wrong album cover but the right artist, other times its the wrong artist and album, but scrolling quickly through it looks like over 90% of the cover art is wrong. I right-clicked on an album and went to pictures...view original, and the correct cover art is there! Helium has the correct art from the tags (which Media Monkey read fine), but insists on displaying completely irrelevant cover art. I cannot afford the time to re-assign 1800 albums with the right cover art. I see a menu under called "Download Album Pictures", but I'm unclear what that will do - didn't it already download pictures when it read in my library? Give me a reason to stick with Helium.


Since you write that "View original" shows the proper file, it sounds like the cached files might be incorrect.

This can be solved by:

1) Close Helium

2) Delete the subfolders in your cache folder, %ProgramData%\Imploded Software\cache (unless you have changed this)

3) Start Helium and let the files be recached

If this does not help, there are some other ways around it using some special tooling. Please open up a support ticket at to get more in detail help with that steps.

No further replies was received. If the issue is still reproducable, please open a support ticket from the above link.

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