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additional setting for file sync. tools

with a large number of file sync more than 60 tracks it can happen that the software does not respond or hardly responds. it is not possible to make the treads autodetect or adjustable. at a file sync of 3000 it will work better. seen when clicking away the file sync. tools window continue to my knowledge with file sync.

Does this happen specifically when synchronizing to a special device? I tried this with a couple of hundred tracks where I synchronized to my SSD and Helium did not freeze or anything. Please let us know if this works for you and if the problem is only related to a specific device.

 understandable that the file sync tools work well for you. the problem is that helium runs on a system that other applications run on. I notice that helium with file sync. tools too many treads takes that other applications like the desktop hardly respond. example when i keep foobar convert to mp3 my system access problem here is that not all meta data is transferred to mp3 from a flac. and that does helium well. foobar therefore has a setting for the treads, hence my question. my system is I7 64gb ram system drive ssd Speed: Read: 3500 MB / s, Write: 3200 MB / s temp drive Speed: Read: 3500 MB / s, Write: 3200 MB / s and 8 drive sas DATA

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