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Auto generate playlist from existing folder structure

Hello friends,

im new to helium and so far very impressed.

I have around 34000 songs on my harddrive, all sorted in folders that represent playlists.

I now want to import that library into Helium but i dont want to create hundreds of playlists again.
Is there a way that I can tell Helium to generate a new playlist per folder automatically? So I only have to add the Root folder and all subfolders will be turned into playlists?



Hi Jeremy,

This is nothing that is built in into Helium by default, but it would be possible to create a script that iterates through your collection per (root)folder and create a playlist of all tracks in the root folder and it's sub folder.

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When i navigate to the script menu i only see pre-made scripts and none seem to fit your description. Any idea how to write that script?

Thanks so much!

Hi Jeremy,

You can find documentation about this scripting engine here: 

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