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Need Sort by Track number in Tools>> Tags>> copy Tags >> Add Source Files & Destination Files

Hi dear 

I Need to copy tags from my old mp3 files to my new FLAC files. 


But in the new version, there is no option to sort the Source files & the Destination files by the Track Number. So have to manually sort each of the files This is a Big Problem. Need The Track Number Column in the Add Dialog box & should to sort by the Track Number. Please Add This Feature. 

This will be available in our upcoming version via the context menu for each list.

If you are a registered user and would like to test it out before it's officially released, feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket.

Dear Mikael Stalvik Thanks for the reply. I had tried the 14.7 Beta. But there is no column for display track no. there is a little context menu that works but there has to a column for display the track no in 2 (two) Dialog box
1. first 



Currently this list does not support columns, but it might be implemented for a future release.

We have added so that the track number will be visible in our next release.

A real grid component with colums as in the track list is not used, so sorting still needs to be done through the context menu:

This fix is included in Helium 14.7 beta 2 now available.

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