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Helium 14.7 beta 3

Hi....Helium latest beta not reading the initial Key field for ALAC file from mixedin key software. I am only have this problem with ALAC file it works fine with FLAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3. Don't want to reanalyzed all my 5000 files...Trying to use the smart playlist function in Helium. To make my DJ playlist set.

PS. Also one request can you get the software to wright the actual BPM of a song to the BPM and tempo field at least 2 decimal point like (95.50BPM) If possible.


Can you please open up a support ticket regarding this and share the problematic file with us so that we can analyse it further?

Open the support ticket from here:

Please use a free file-sharing service of your choise (Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer etc) to share the file.

Thanks in advance.

All ALAC files in my collection... not a one file problem...So I thing it a file format problem not just a few files. I am on the free version.

I tested with one sample file tagged using Mixed in key 8, and it seems to have worked OK, so a sample file will still be needed for further analysing.

Thanks in advance.

Trying to post link one drive

We have received your link via your support ticket, thanks.

Posting of tracks in this forum is not recommended and will generally be blocked.

We have not been able to reproduce your issue, Initial key was properly read from the shared file. Please see the full reply in your support ticket.


This issue is resolved and included in the next release.

MixedInKey custom tag-frames compatibility has been improved for better  compatibility.

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