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Biography tab in the right-sidebar

 I would like to see the artists picture and the biography of theactual played artist in the right side bar. Is it possible? It would be nice in context to the lyrics (Pic and bio above lyrics field?)


If lyrics & biography exists for the track being played, tabs for this will be shown in the right sidebar.

If an artist picture exists, you can browse through the available pictures from the now playing tab.

Hi, in my opinion there is a lot more possible in this tab. I see no pictures, no members...

(45.1 KB)

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Hi, in the H15 beta I find the same dreary biography panel as in H14 before. Is it so difficulty to included artist picture and the other collected informations (e.g. country, founded)?

This has not yet changed since Helium 14.

It might be introduced for an upcoming Helium release, not yet planned though.

Maybe something like this:

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Yes, something like this.But it would be much easier to handle the biography if HMM consider the line breaks from the website, too.

>> if HMM consider the line breaks from the website, too. 

The information returned comes from API:s, not websites.

The results will be improved in the next build, results from Discogs does not seem to include any line-breaks in their content so this is more or less impossible to fixe due to the source data.

This will be included in Helium 15 beta 3

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