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No refreshing in artists browser

 If I work with artists browser there ist no refresh before I leave the active site and come back while work with "group members" or "member of".


  • Editing artist (e.g.Stan Ridgway)
  • He is member of 4 other groups (dowlaod via discogs-plugin)
  • save
  • than click on button "member of"
  • use globe icon download band picture
  • no band picture is shown
  • I have to leave via left arrow-button and come back to the "member of"-page
  • now the band picture is shown.

Some behavior with "group members"

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This issue is resolved in Helium 14.8 beta 2, just released.

If the issue remains with this build, please open a support ticket with reproduction details for the quickest assistance.

I will open a ticket. issue not resolved for my db.

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