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No line breaks lyrics

 HMM 14.8.16469.0

Problem with missing line breaks when downloading lyrics stays the same

Please open a support issue for this with more details of how this issue can be reproduced.

At the moment we can unfortunately not reproduce it with 14.8.

It's possible with 14.7 though.

I updated to 14.8 before - maybe there was a caching problem. Pls close this case.

HMM 14.08.16501.0 Win 10 pro 64 bit: No line breaks while downloading via plugin

Which plugin/track does this applies to?

Tried it with apiseeds


And which specific title can be used for analysing it further?

please see open ticket

Thanks, we have sent you a new version with corrections which hopefully resolves this.

 I'm sorry, but no changes in line break behavior.

(32.4 KB)

v14.9 no line breaks via apiseeds-download

(66.7 KB)

Please post this as a support ticket together with reproduction data.

This board is mainly ment as a discussion amongst users, even if we (the developers) check it from and to, but it is not our primary support channel.

We need more data such as from which tool you downloaded the data from and which source data that was used.

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