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Please Explain Release Types!!

I've been in IT for 20+ years, consider myself an SQL advanced professional, but for the life of me I cannot understand this Release Types! I have looked for topics around this and I can't find an explanation that makes any sense.

There are 5 Release Types (none of which make any sense to me)

Then there is the long list below that

I can change one of the 5 to reflect a new name but it's redundant to the list below that. For example: 1 of the 5 named Album. There is already an Album listed below that??

Please explain this to me :(

All I want to do is have either Album LP, Album EP, Digital Media, CD. I would like to have an option for Boxed Set (like compilations) but I've had no luck in achieving that. 

Very frustrating.


Release types in Helium is like an enumerated value that can be applied per track.

If you for example have 4 files that comes from a Maxi CD, you can use the release type from the right panel in the Tag editor to "Maxi". 

The selected release type will then be applied to all field loaded to the Tag editor.

If you tag all files that comes from an album from one artist, you can set release type to "Album" and if it's from various arists you can use "Compilation".

Release types is a helper tag you can choose to use, but you doesn't need to.

It's generally ment to be used for grouping and fiter purposes, you can for example quickly find all Maxis in your library if you apply that as a filter.

Release types can also be customized from Tools > Custom fields, columns, release types if you need to change name to your need.

The media tag is also a similar tag you can choose to use, but it is not as exposed in the UI's as release types.

Hope this helps.

If you need more in detail help with a certain task, feel free to open up a support ticket from:

I've worked with this and narrowed things down but am still in a flux about one thing. 

In the FIVE RELEASE TYPE lists I have: Studio Album, Anthology, Live Recording, Boxed Set, and Compilation. I wanted to use a Custom Value (underneath the Five Release Types in Options) but if I change the name of one of those the original name still displays. For Example: the one that says "Undefined" I added a Value of "Limited Edition." It still displays Undefined so I see no purpose to even change it. 

Am I just not getting this?  Please help me understand this better. I've got thousands to go :(

Charlton O'Neal

Hello, this has been answered in the support ticket you sent us.

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