Update for Helium 14.8 now available

A small update for Helium 14.8 is now available.

This release comes with:

  • Updated SQLite drivers
  • Fixes when using Helium Remote with SQLite
  • Play a track with Enter
  • Filename to tag fixes
  • Various bug fixes

The update is available from our offical website: https://www.imploded.com

Hello Mikael, V14.8 is working well. I've been using it for almost a month yet when I launched it today I received a message informing me that "Helium 14.8 is now available!"  


I clicked cancel. When I relaunched Helium again it showed this update message again.  I'm running 14.8.16521.0.  

Not sure what if this is a bug or maybe there has been a update that's not been announced on your website?

Hi Richard,

I guess this might have been some kind of delay on our server which publish the news link.

A "proper" version shall look like this:

The version is still 14.8 but the build number should be 14.8.16539

Update to my previous message.  I've just seen an announcement you posted 5 minutes ago about an update :)  This wasn't there when I looked around 10 minutes ago.  I guess you made the update available, which is why Helium informed me of the update just prior to posting the announcement on your website. I must have looked on your website somewhere in between these two events.  Case closed :)  

Yes, just relaunched Helium again and the pop up message has now changed to the one you just posted above :)  Thanks for the reply. 

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