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Remote light


I am not really happy with the remote for ios. It seems as bigger the collection, as more the app struggels. Most likely the app crash after a few minutes of usage.

For my personal use, I don´t need the possibility to search through the whole library with the app.

I just need a remote to skip forward/backward, Play/Pause and to rate the song actually playing. If the app only have these functions without any possibility to search the whole library, I guess, the app would be much more stable.

Therefore, a "remote light" just with basic functions would be great. Is this feasible?

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Sorry to hear that you have troubles with the Remote.

We don't currently plan on developing a Remote Light. There shouldn't be issues with large collections in general, though.

If you have specific problems that you can give more details on we would be glad to hear them so we can look into what could be improved.


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