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DynDNS not working with new Streamer App 502 (iOS)

I updated to the new Helium Streamer app (iOS, version 502) yesterday.
It behaves as if the name resolution no longer works.
Since I don't have a static IP, I use a DynDNS service.
Since I have an ASUS branded wireless router, I use their DNS service.
With previous version of Streamer app I could log in as follows:

Adress:; Port: 3030

This no longer works, now it only works using an IP address:

Adress:; Port: 3030

Helium Streamer App (iOS) Version: 502

Helium Streamer Version:

Helium Version: 14.9.16671.0

(63.7 KB)
(55.3 KB)

Hello Michael,

This issue will be fixed in our next build.

It's a limitation from Apple that prevents "unsafe" urls by default.

Hi Mikael,

Your reaction time is already close to the speed of light.
You shouldn't get any faster. ;-)
Thanks for the support.

Was able to update to version 5.1 in the app store. This then reports with version 504. And hallelujah! It works.

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