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Import from iTunes or interoperability with iTunes

Hi there,

Since iTunes was launched on the market, I've increasingly switched to getting my music digitally.
I now have over 15,000 pieces of music here.
So far, however, I have never dared to marry this off with my other 30,000 or so pieces from the sound carrier era.
In concrete terms, that means that I play the Apple music tracks exclusively via Apple software and manage the “old” collection with Helium.
I actually want to manage everything with Helium.
How well do the two programs work together?
Should I copy the entire iTunes library (all aac files) to the Helium path?
What tips can you give me regarding migration?
What happens to the pieces that I later buy from Apple via iPhone, iPad or iTunes?
Does it work if I choose "Add files to library"? (There I choose the base path of my iTunes library.)
I could take over the playlist manually, or I saw in the forum that someone was processing the xml files.
I look forward to your experiences and tips.

With kind regards

Michael from Switzerland

Ok I'm in.
I just opened the corresponding ticket.

You are welcome. If you like to you can open a support ticket to get access to an unofficial beta version of Helium 15 today.

Thanks for the answer.
Then I'll postpone my migration until helium 15.

The iTunes Store stopped selling protected songs in 2009. (to my great pleasure)

Most purchased files from the store are unprotected (DRM free) nowadays.

In my request I only refer to songs which I have bought through iTunes and which are DRM free.

I actually have an Apple Music subscription. I know that these tracks are DRM protected.

They cannot be used on non- Apple devices.

This also means that they cannot be used with alternative media players like MediaMonkey, VLC media player, foobar, Audials, Groove-Musik, and so on.

It is therefore absolutely clear that DRM protected titles cannot be played with Helium.

I'm really only interested in the DRM-free tracks

But like I said, I buy most of my music these days through iTunes. And my collection is still growing too. :-)


Regarding the importing from iTunes:

Helium 15 will come with improved importing functions from iTunes which also will import playlists.

Files protected via iTunes will most likely not be playable with other software than iTunes from what I know.

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