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Playlist management VERY UNINTUITIVE

 In my 20+ years of using various kinds of software, Helium Music Management has got to be the most counter-intuitive software ever. I should have seen the warning sign when at the bottom of their website (, when you click on Support > Help and tips, you get an error message "The page you were looking for doesn't exist.' They could learn a great deal from iTunes. 

Anywhere, where to begin? Let's create a NEW Playlist. Somewhere, somehow I did manage to create one but for the life of me, I cannot now discover how it was done. You would think that right-clicking on the Playlist icon would give you that option but it doesn't. If I click on the Smart Playlist link, there is a 'New Smart Playlist' option but now that I somehow have a regular playlist, I cannot add one the same way. And don't make the mistake of clicking on the track title to play it because it doesn't. Then how about playing the songs in your playlist? Again, completely counterintuitive. If you have changed the order of them, the playlist now does not play songs in the new order.

Anyway, the program does do a couple of things I like but overall, a bad experience. Since it is not intuitive, some tutorials would be helpful. And playlists is just the one topic I am mentioning here. In playing around with the software, there are several things that just plain don't make sense when you compare it to standard music management software like iTunes, Media Monkey, Clementine, and others.

Thanks for the comments. I have moved on to Media Monkey where creating and maintaining playlists works as expected and is intuitive. There were other issues with the Helium software Playlist function that I didn't mention due to the length of the post. These are a non-issue with Media Monkey and I am very pleased with that product. 

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Hi all,

i actually can confirm that the help link on the website is not working. See screen.png for the link location.

The problem is that it links to this address:

See the "%22" at the end. See Screen_1.png for how it looks in the browser address field.

Regarding the playlist:

If you have titles in your play queue you can just right click any title (or mark all with Ctrl+A) and select "Add to playlist..." or press CTRL + Plus. See Screen2.png.



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Unfortuantely we cannot repoduce the issue with the broken link, Help and tips should be up and running. I have just validated it.

There are two ways to create playlists, either from the Music Explorer or from the Playlists view.

Helium is not ment to mimic an exact workflow of iTunes and similar application, therefore it might be a little transition curve when using Helium for the first time.

Anyway thanks for your feedback, we have refunded your purchase.

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