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How to sync ratings of tracks between files on PC and mobile phone

 Hi there!

Unfortunately I'm an absolute scripting noob, but perhaps someone is willing to help me out with my 'problem':
I asked myself if it is possible to sync only the ratings from my mobile phone to the main database on my PC?

All files on the phone have the same filename as on the PC.
The folders / subfolders / folder structure on the phone and the PC are the same.
Perhaps it would be the easiest way to assign the files to different collections or volumes to compare them inside the database.
Oneway syncing would be enough (phone -> PC).
So the script would search in the volume 'phone' for files with the tag 'rating' is not empty and search for the counterpart of these files in the volume 'PC' to write then the 'rating' tag from the file in volume 'mobile' to the file in the volume 'PC'.

Would that be a big deal?
And is someone willing to support me?

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