Helium 15 is now available!

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Give it something like release notes to see which features are no longer supported in 15.

I missing to manage genres or manage Album collections like in version 14.


Release notes are available from the blog post and the prior beta releases posts.

No functions shall be removed in Helium 15.

Manage genres and manage album collections are available from the File > Manage menu.

After I installed it, it keeps telling me that "Helium 15 is now available, download it?"

The first versions of Helium 15 did not displayed the full version number.

If this dialog is displayed it means that a new build is available.

The current version displays the full build number.

I bought a license in Feb 2021 and after installing Helium 15 it switched back to FREE version. 

Unlocking did not work either.

@Michael please open a support ticket which contains your license details and we will assist you further,

(Do not share the details in this open forum)

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