Helium comes with full support for visualization plug-ins of the following types:

  • Winamp 2
  • Winamp 5
  • Windows Media Player
  • Sonique
  • BassBox

Visualization plug-ins can be started when music is playing and can be shown in:
  • A full-window width view
  • Full-screen
  • Docked in the now playing pane

Installation of plug-ins
Helium ships with a few plug-ins for Sonique but you can easily install your own plug-ins. 
To install a Winamp plugs-in, place the plug-in files in the application\plugins folder, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Imploded Software\Helium 12\Plugins (create the plugins folder if it does not exist)
To install Sonique plug-ins, place the plug-in files in the application\splugins folder.
To install BassBox plug-ins, place the plug-in files in the applications\bplugins folder.
Windows Media Player plug-ins are generally installed via an installer which are responsive for the location of the physical files, hence no specific folder is used for this type.

Please note that some plug-ins are using specific hardware accelleration such as Direct3D, OpenGl and similar graphic engines and can therefore work on some machines which meet these requirements whilst it won't work on other machines. 

Additional plug-ins
To download a pack of visualization plug-ins that are installed automatically, please click the link below: