The Remap Path tool is used to change the path for on or more files in your database to another path, without the need for you to add your files again.

If you have moved certain files from outside Helium or if a drive-letter on your system has changed, this tool enables you to quickly point out the new location of these files and update all involved files in your database.

The big benefit with remapping the files instead of adding them again, is that their database identities will be kept as well as playing statistics, playlist occurrences and so on.

Using the Remap Path tool

Start the Remap Path tool from Tools > Remap Path...

Select the Source folder (where the files are currently stored in your database) by entering it in the edit field.

Specify the Destination folder (the folder where the files have been moved to and currently exist on disk) by clicking the Browse... button.

A new dialog will be shown enabling you to browse to the folder where the files are now located. Select the appropriate folder and click the OK button.

Click OK to start the remap operation.


It is recommended that you create a backup before remapping paths, since the changes made are not revertible.

It is recommended to restart Helium after the operation is completed.