There may be several reasons to why you cannot log in to our Customer Center. Please read the following text before contacting support.

  • Once you have purchased a product there is a delay before you will be able to access the Customer Center. This normally doesn't take more than 15 minutes but please allow up to 1 hour.
  • If it is the first time you login, your password is the same as the license key sent to you.
  • Is your e-mail address and password correct? If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve is from the Forgot password page.
  • You may be denying cookies in your web browser. To be able to access the Customer Center you will need to enable cookies.

    To verify that your settings are correct, please look in your browsers settings and make sure that you are not denying cookies or that is in your whitelist if you do.
  • You should also review your firewall-, virus- and/or anti-spam software settings, since they can sometimes prevent users from certain web sites.
  • Check that your systems date and time is correct. If your systems date and time is invalid you might be unable to log in since the cookie our server tries to create may have expired before it has been created.

Following the advices above should enable you to log in to the Customer Center.