Problems accessing from the LAN

Does the Helium Music Streamer launcher's Status label says Running? If not, please see the Helium Streamer status label doesn't say "Running" section.

Click on the link to the right of the Address on LAN. This should open your default web browser and display the Helium Streamer interface.

Problem accessing over the Internet

To troubleshoot these kind of problems, please make sure that the following things works first:

  • The Status label in the launcher should say Running. If it doesn't say Running, please consult the Helium Music Streamer status label doesn't say "Running" section
  • Clicking on the link beside the Address on LAN launches a web browser and should let you access the Helium Streamer successfully. If this doesn't work, please consult the Problem accessing from the LAN in the launcher section above. 
  • If you have more than one computer on your home network, please also try the following from a different computer from where Helium Streamer is installed. Launch a web browser and type the address from the launcher beside the Address on LAN (should look something like - but with your specific address and port) and press ENTER. If the Helium Streamer doesn't show, please consult the Problem accessing the Helium Music Streamer from another computer on the home network section above.