Yes, this is possible, but sometimes it will require some changes in your setup. Please make sure you read the two important points below and have made corresponding changes to your setup.

1. Use network (UNC) paths

Please check that you are not using a mapped network drive such as X:, which does not work properly on all systems. A solution to this problem is to use the corresponding UNC path instead such as \\MACHINENAME\FOLDER when adding your files to Helium.

If you have already added all your music to Helium's library using regular paths (C:\xxx, D:\yyy etc) you can easily switch to UNC paths using the Remap Path utility in Helium.

2. Turn on impersonation

Helium Streamer needs access rights to your network share in order to play music from these locations. To make this work you will need to use a user account in Helium Streamer that has access to the folders where your music is located.

  1. On the computer or device (NAS or similar) where your music is stored, please make sure that you have a user account with only alphanumeric characters and a password which has access to all folders where music is located.
  2. On the computer where Helium Streamer is installed, make sure that you have the exact same user account created (same username and password - this is super important). This user account needs administrator privileges. If you will create a new Windows-account for this purpose you will need to log in to this account at least once before proceeding. 
  3. Open the system Services window by one of these methods:
    • Press the Windows button and type Services. Once the Services app shows, click to start it.
    • Press Win+R on your keyboard. Type services.msc and hit ENTER.
  4. Locate the Helium Streamer service in the list and double click it.
  5. Go to the Log On tab.
  6. Select the This account option.
  7. Type your account name and password in the boxes.


  8. Click OK
  9. Right click on the Helium Streamer service and choose Restart.

You should now be able to play music from your network enabled drive.