After you have adjusted the tags on your files using Helium, you might would like to move the files to another drive and/or folder and at the same time generate new filenames for the files based on the updated tags.

From a view displaying a list of files you would like to rename, click TOOLS > Rename files... to start the tool.

Using the tool

At the top of the tool, an editable field, template is located.

Edit the template using the rules for the Tag to filename engine.

Immediately after you change the template, the result list below will be updated showing the resulting filename and path at the first line of an item and the old filename and path on the line below.

If any errors or warnings will occur such as a file already exists or that a path and filename will exceed 256 characters, it will also be shown.

Manually changing a filename

If a filename already exists or you are not satisfied with the generated filename, select the specific entry in the list and press F2.

From the dialog that opens up, adjust the full filename as you prefer.


If you select to Rename and move files, files will be renamed and moved to its new locatation. This will also update paths in your library to ensure that data is synchronized.

If you select Rename and copy, files will be copied to its new location. The new copies will not automatically be added to your library.

The setting Move remaining files will be used when Rename and move files is selected and what it will do is to move "other" files from the source directory to the destination directory, such as pictures, cue files and more.