With Helium you can change specific data on tags and in your library in a batch with just a few clicks.

This method will not require that you open a tag editor to change data, instead it is invoked from the user interface. Batch changing of data is usefull when you would like to quickly correct incorrect spellings of artist and album names.

Changing artist data

You can change the name of an artist either by selecting Rename... from an artist item or by selecting the specific artist node from the Music explorer and then click F2 or choose Rename... from the nodes context menu.

The next step is to enter the new name for the artist and then click OK.

The rename process will now find all files containing the artist you are changing the name for and replace it with the new name. This process will also update multiple artists, e.g. 
Artist feat. ArtistB will be changed to Artist feat. ArtistC if you change ArtistB to ArtistC.

After the tags has been updated, your library will also be updated.

Changing album data

Similar to the method to change an artist name, you can do the same to change the name of an album.

Invoke the method from an album item or from the Music Explorer and then perform the same steps as above.