You can use MySQL or MariaDB which are both compatible with the MySQL standard. We recommend MariaDB as it tends to have better performance but it still very easy to install. Please follow the steps below to install and configure MariaDB:

  1. Go to the official MariaDB download page at
  2. Select the latest stable release and download the MSI Package.
  3. Start the installation and proceed until asked to enter a password for the root user. Type a password for the root user twice. If you plan on accessing the database from a different computer than the one you are installing one you need to select the Enable access from remote machines for 'root' user.
  4. Proceed with the installation by pressing Next until the installation starts.

Be sure to use InnoDb as the MySql database engine and not MyISAM, since MyISAM does not support transactions.

You are now ready to create a new MySQL database from Helium. Please start Helium and create a new database from the Database Management dialog (CTRL-D).
  1. Go to the MySql/MariaDb tab. 
  2. Click New
  3. Leave the MySql/MariaDb server box with the default (localhost) value.
  4. Leave the Username box with the default (root) value.
  5. Type the password you chose while installing MariaDB in the Password box.
  6. Type a database name in the Database box.
  7. Leave the Image cache folder blank. 
  8. Press OK

A MySql/MariaDB database will now be created and after that Helium will restart and connect to the new database.