With Helium you can easily split an audio files into multiple tracks either based on a CUE file or by creating tracks manually.

To split a file, select the file you would like to split and then select Tools > Split file...

From the window that opens, click Add tracks to add tracks:

  • Create tracks from CUE file will load a CUE file and create tracks from that file with lengths defined in the CUE file
  • Create tracks of equal lengths will create multiple tracks with the defined length
  • Create tracks of same length will create multiple tracks of the exact same length

After the tracks has been added you can edit the meta data for each track just as in the Tag editor.

Select the output format from the output format drop-down. Configure individual encoding options by clicking the Options... button. Click here for more details about the encoding options.

Click OK to start the splitting of files.

During the splitting the files wiill be converted to the selected format and tags will be applied.