Helium Premium is designed to support multiple users.

Each created user will share the track, artist and album information but will have unique:

  • Ratings
  • Favourites
  • Playlists
  • Smart playlists

It is also possible to define which specific permissions a user should have. For example you can have one administrator with full access to all tools and view, and one guest user with limited or no access to tagging and specific views.

The users are also supported in the Streamer applications and therefore when you play music with them, the specific user will see he/her specific ratings, favourites and views.

To manage users in Helium click FILE > Manage users.

In the dialog that opens, you will see all available users.

Click the New button to create a new user or Edit to edit an existing user.

Managing a specific user

In the user details window you will be able to set the User name for the user as well as a password and an optional Tag name, used to map information stored on tags to this user.

The Permissions tab will alllow you to manage what a specific user can do in Helium, ranging from file based operations to excuding of specific views.

Sharing playlists

Starting with Helium 13, you will be able to share playlists between multiple users.

When creating a playlist you can create it as shared which will allow all users to see and access it.

It is also possible to share/unshare a playlist via the context menu.