The Subtrack Editor is a tag editor that will help you to apply tags to audio files containing more than one song. By using this tool you are able to search for a particular sub-track within a file comprising multiple songs, or you can view all the sub-tracks that file contains.

Subtracks acts just like tracks, you will be able to see them in your library whilst browsing, get them returned in search results and skip directly to any particular sub-track when playing the file in Helium.

You can manually set the length of each song, or you can import .CUE files to automatically create individual tracks within the file.

Examples when the Subtrack Editor could be used:

  • A live concert, recorded entirely in one take
  • A single composition, comprising several movements (i.e. Classical music)
  • Songs ripped from an Audio-CD, where all the songs are mixed together in one track


If you have CUE files for your main audio file, creating subtracks is much easier, since you can import CUE files and have Helium automatically create the correct number of subtracks as well as setting their length.

CUE files can often be downloaded/found on the Internet.

Working with the Subtrack Editor

To start working with the Subtrack Editor, click TOOLS > Tags > Edit Subtracks.

The next thing you have to do is to create the subtracks:

Create subtracks automatically
To create subtracks automatically, you need to have the correct CUE file for the main audio file.
Click the Load Cue... button and select your .CUE file.

When the CUE file is imported, Helium will have created the correct number of subtracks for you using all available meta-data from the CUE file.

Create subtracks manually
Click the Add button to add a new subtrack. Fill in any meta-data about the subtrack you have. Please note that it is recommended that you set length so that replaying will work properly.

Remove any selected subtrack by clicking the Remove buttom.

Previewing a subtrack
To "preview" a subtrack, simply click the Play button from the bottom toolbar.

When you press this button the player start (if not already started), and play the file that you are editing. The player will also "jump" into the song, to the selected subtrack.