The Join audio files tool enables you to join multiple audio files into one audio files also if perfered into a different audio format.

Using the Join audio files tool

To join multiple audio files into one file, follow the steps below:

Click on Tools > Join files... from the main menu.

  • Change the generated files tags from the Tag information pane.
  • Select which output format and quality the generated tracks should have by changing the Output format dropdown.
  • To adjust quality and other properties for the selected output format, click the Options... button.

Select one file in the list to see its waveform rendered below.

When a file is added it's speed (BPM) will automatically be calculated. If you need to pitch the song up/down, edit the Adjusted Bpm cell. After that you will be able to see the pitch percent in the Pitch column.

Change the start and end offset values to control which "part" of the selected track you would like to use when joining the track.

Other functions

  • Add new tracks to the list of files to join by clicking the Add button. 
  • Remove one or more selected tracks by clicking the Remove button.
  • Click Load to load a saved join project
  • Click Save to save the current join project to continue to work with it later
  • Checkmark Use volume gain to apply volume gain to the destination file during joining
  • Checkmark Generate Cue file to generate a Cue file based on the joined files