Collections and Volumes enables you to create a hierarchical structure which you can use to organize your music collection.

Collections and Volumes is an optional feature for people who wish to create a custom library structure. By default, no Collections and Volumes are created.


A Collection can be seen as a container which can hold one or more Volumes.
You can create as many Collections as you like.
For example, you might to wish to create a Collection for your Lossless files and another for your Lossy files.


A Volume is another form of container which is always contained within a parent Collection. Volumes can contain one or many tracks and a track can be contained in zero or many Volumes. 

A Volume can point to a specific root path. When a Volume is connected to a root path, files that are added or moved to a folder within that root, will automatically be assigned to the Volume the root points to.

Managing Collections and Volumes

To manage Collections and Volumes in Helium, click Tools > Manage Collections/Volumes.

The tool allows you to create, rename and delete Collections and Volumes as well as point Volumes to a specific root path.

Assigning tracks to a specific Volume/removing tracks from a Volume

You can quickly assign one or more tracks to a Volume from the context menu in the Track lists via the "Assign to Volume..." command.

The same function is also accessible for albums which will assign all tracks from a specific album to the Volume you select.

As mentioned above, if you specify that a Volume should be connected to a specific root path, adding files from that path or moving files into that path will auto assign them to that Volume.

Remove tracks from a Volume by selecting "Clear assigned volumes" for the selected tracks from a track list.

When adding new files to your library or when you update your library and new files are found, you will have the possibility to define which specific volume the new files will be added to by defining the Selected volume.

Note that if you have specified that a volume is bound to one or more paths, the Selected volume will not override these rules.

Working with Collections and Volumes

You can easily browse your Collections and Volumes from the Music Explorer.

From the most views, it is also possible to use Volumes in the Advanced filters. From the filter Volume drop-down, select which specific Volumes you would like to include in your filter and when the filter is applied, they will be included in the result.