Helium 13 comes with support for general purpose plug-ins.

As the name implies, there are no strict definition of what a general purpose plug-in can or should do, it can be various things.

There are three general purpose plug-ins included with the Helium 13 installation:

  • Mini player - a mini version of Helium's player that allows you to control your music without the need of having Helium as the active Window.
  • Quick browser - a plugin that allows you to quickly find a track and play/queue it to Helium without the need of Helium being active.
  • Tray rate - a plugin that installs into the system tray and lets you rate the currently playing track directly from the track.

Start a general plugin from Tools > General plug-ins.

Multiple general plug-ins can run at the same time.

It is also possible to develop your own general purpose plug-ins in any .NET based language (c#, vb.net, managed c++, f# and more) 

Click here for more details  about developing general purpose plug-ins for Helium.