To view properties for one or several files, select them in the track list, right click and select Properties...

Unless modified, you can also start the tool using the Ctrl+P shortcut.

If multiple files are selected you will be able to browse through them using the < Previous and Next > buttons.

The file properties tool works on both files that are added to your library and files not added to your library, if invoked from the My Computer view.

All tag information shown in the tool are always read from tags, no database data will be shown except for:

  • Contained volumes which lists the volumes (if any) the track is connected to
  • Playlists, which will be shown in an own tab, if the track exists in any playlists.

Overview tab

This tab will show general data about the file, all fields are self explanatory

Detailed tag & file information tab

This tab will present detailed information about the audio file as well as detailed tag descriptions on a frame level for the tag types that exists on the track.

Playlists tab

This tab will show a list of which playlists the track exists in. If the track does not exist in any playlists, this tab will not be shown.

Attached pictures tab

This tab will show a list of all pictures that are attached (on tags) to this file. Select one picture and click View original to view the original picture.