The CD Ripper is used to copy (or rip) the contents of and Audio CD onto your computer. The destination files can be AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4, MPC, Ogg Vorbis, WAVE, WAVPack or WMA.

Working with the CD Ripper

Start the CD Ripper by clicking FILE > Add Music > CD Ripper... from the main menu.

This is what happens when the CD Ripper dialog shows and an Audio CD is inserted:

  • The contents of the Audio CD in your first or only CD-ROM/DVD device are read.

The tracks will be added to the track list of the CD Ripper dialog. 

If the track list shows a No Audio CD inserted label you either need to insert an Audio CD into your device or you need to change the device under the Cd-drive drop-down.

Artist, album and track information is automatically downloaded (when available). Freedb is the default plug-in for this purpose. 

Now you are ready to make modifications to the tag contents if necessary. Modifications in the CD Ripper track list are done using the embedded Tag Editor to allow easy editing.

Select which folder the files should be created in by clicking the Browse button.

Change the output format of the ripped tracks from the Output format drop-down control. To change specific properties for the selected output format (if available), click the Options... button to the right of the Output format drop-down.

Click OK to start the ripping process.

Note: The ripped tracks will automatically be added to your library after the ripping has been completed.