The Filename to Tag tool is used to copy all the information available in your filenames and paste it into the correct tag fields. 

The Filename to Tag tool uses an advanced system to identify as much information as possible and save it into your files.

Click here to read more about the format used in the templates.

Using Filename to Tag functions

The Filename to Tag tool is available from both the Tag Editor and the Advanced Tag Editor and can be started by clicking the Filename to tag button at the top of the tool.

The window that opens contains a control, template, where you will write the template that shall be used to extract data from the filename and create tag fields for.

Click the Insert field button to insert a field without typing it in manually in the template.

The template follows the format described in the link above.

When you enter something in the template field, the preview list below will automatically populate itself with columns matched from the template as well as filling in data in the cells.

Checkmark the Overwrite checkbox to force existing data to be overwritten with the new data when you apply the results.

Checkmark the Use full path checkbox to use the full path and filename when generating data. If this option is not selected, only the filename will be used.

Click OK to apply the results.