Album collections in Helium is container format which allows one or more album to be stored in a specific collection.

Collections are fully user defined and can be created upon needs, examples of what collections can be is:

  • To listen (albums you have in a queue to listen to)
  • Party (albums that are great when having a party)

Working with album collections

You can easily manage album collections by using the Manage album collections tool which can be started from Tools > Manage album collections.

This tool allows you to create new album collections, rename existing collection or deleting collections.

Adding one or more albums are done from views that shows albums by clicking Album collections > <CollectionName> from the context menu.

It is also possible to create a new Album collection from this menu.

When working with the Releases view, it is possible to show albums that are contained in a specific collection. Select the collection to filter on by clicking the Album collections icon, to the left of the view modes control.