The Music Explorer provides a very powerful view of the database and your music files which offers several different ways of browsing through your music and manually categorizing your music.

Using the Music Explorer

Show the Music Explorer by clicking View > Views > Music Explorer from the main menu or from a shortcut.

The following sub-views are available for browsing (the number of sub-view items displayed and their order may vary depending on your current Options).
Many of the sub-views in the Music Explorer can be customized to meet your specific needs. The sub-views specified below is the standard setup available immediately after installing Helium.

Available nodes

  • Entire library
    Clicking this node will display all contents in your Library. Please note that if you have lots of contents in your Library, this may take some time to complete.
  • Library
    Shows a list of all drives and folders where audio files in the database reside. The tracks for each of the lowest level folders are shown in the track list.
  • Releases

  • Artists

  • Titles

  • Album artists

  • Genres

  • Ratings

  • Release years

  • Recording years

  • Moods

  • Situations

  • Release types

  • Series

  • Labels

  • Groupings

  • File dates

  • Added dates

  • Album collections

  • Favourites
    Expand this node to see Artist, Album and Track favourite nodes

  • User defined 1-10

  • Collection/volumes
    Expand this node to see all Collections/Volumes

  • Untagged items
    Expand this node to see a list of sub-nodes (defined below). When selecting a sub-node, tracks for which the selected sub-node property is empty (or 0) will be shown:

    • Title

    • Artist

    • Album

    • Genre

    • Mood

    • Situation

    • Tempo

    • Release type

    • Recording year

    • Release year

    • Bpm

  • Playlists
    Expand this node to see playlist folders and playlists

When a node is expanded and does not shows static contents such as Library and Playlists, a new list of nodes will be shown. You can configure which type of nodes that shall be shown as well as how many levels of data that should be shown from Options > Music explorer.