This view shows all your releases. The releases can be shown as thumbnails, cards, as a carousel or in a split view with a list of releases and a detail page to the right of the selected release.

Above the presented releases you can access a filter panel which allows you to quickly filter the visible result. Double click a release to open its detail page.

Different view modes

  • Thumbnails
    Releases are presented as thumbnails in a grid.
  • Cards
    Releases will be presented as cards
  • Carousel view
    Releases will be presented as an interactive carousel with a track list below displaying the tracks from the selected album.
    It is possible to select the number of items to be shown in the carousel as well as some other visual options by right-clicking an empty area in the carousel.
  • Split view
    Releases will be displayed in a vertical list to the left and the middle are will display release details or a tracklist 

This view can be configured in many ways from Tools > Options > Views and Tools > Options > Visual.

Filtering the data

By default, no filter will be active. 

It is possible to quickly filter out releases by using the quick filter placed above the presented albums.

If advanced filters is shown, two lines of controls will be shown otherwise just one line.

The first (or only) row of controls contains the following filters:

  • Is favourite
  • Rating (at least)
  • Pictures (Releases with or without pictures, albums with pictures and albums without pictures)
  • Free-text field (Release name)
  • Release type
  • Release Year
  • Album collection

The second row shows the advanced filter (can be toggled on/off from View > Toggle advanced filter).

The Advanced filter works like the Advanced search, but only with one row of arguments.

Apply the filter by clicking the Apply button.

When a filter is active you can remove it by clicking the Reset button.