This view shows playlists and smart playlists in your library.

From the left pane it is possible to toggle if playlists or smart playlists shall be shown.

Below the top tab bar, a list of playlists or smart playlists is shown.

Helium supports multiple level of folders for both playlists and smart playlists.


Use the context menu to:

  • Create new folders
  • Create new playlists
  • Copy, Paste and Cut playlists
  • Remove and rename playlists
  • Play and queue playlists to the Play queue
  • Export playlists
  • Shuffle the tracks in the selected playlist
  • Remove duplicate tracks for the selected playlist
  • Generate a harmonic mix of all tracks in the playlist. This requires that the tracks contains Bpm and music keys. Music keys can be generated via Helium's Tag editor or from external applications such as Mixed in key.
  • Lock/unlock playlists to prevent it from being added to
  • Share/unshare playlists so that multiple users in the same database can use eachothers playlists
  • Import playlists
  • Set as default playlist for quicker adding of tracks to a specific playlist
  • Add playlists to file synchronization

Playlists are also accessible from the Music Explorer view.

Smart playlists

Use the context menu to:

  • Create new smart playlists
  • Create new folders
  • Edit the definitions of smart playlists
  • Copy, Paste and Cut smart playlists
  • Remove or rename smart playlists
  • Play and queue smart playlists
  • Export smart playlists
  • Add smart playlists to file synchronization

Smart playlists are created in a way very similar to Advanced searches.

Click this link to read more about creating Advanced searches.