This view presents statistics about your library.

Playing statistics

  • General playlist statistics
  • Tracks played the last 30 days
  • Most played genres
  • Most played artists
  • Most played years
  • A bar chart showing full playing statistics per day of your entire library (scrollable and zoomable)
  • Playing trends over time (double click a box to see in detail statistics for that date)

Listening habits

  • Played hours (tracks vs. hour per day)
  • Played weekdays (tracks vs. day of week)
  • Played weeks (tracks vs. week number)


  • Top genres
  • Top artists
  • Top years
  • Top file-types
  • Top labels
  • Top release-types

Rating statistics

  • Track ratings (tracks vs. rating)
  • Album ratings (albums vs. rating)
  • Artist ratings (artists vs. rating)

General statistics

  • General statistics (number of tracks et al)
  • File types and added trends
  • Releases by release year
  • Tracks by recording year