To edit artist information for a specific artist, select the artist from any view that display artists and then select Edit artist from the context menu.

This will open a new tool which allows editing of:

General information

  • Sort order
  • Born name
  • Country
  • Web page
  • Formed
  • Disbanded
  • Is artist/Is group
  • Biography


Define Aka (also known as) for the artist

Group members

Define which other artists that are members of the group

Member of

Define if this artist is a member of one or more groups


Define artists that are similar to this artist

Influenced by

Define artist/groups that has influenced the selected artist/group


Define artist/groups that has been inspired by the selected artist/group

See also

Other relations related to the selected artist/group

Performed songs by

Relations to artist/group this artist/group has made covers for.

When an artist has relations, it will be displayed as clickable buttons on the artists detail page.

This means that you quickly can browse for example similar artists for an artist this way.

Relations are also used when you play tracks with auto enqueue enabled in Helium to generate matching tracks with higher precision.

Click the Download button to download artist information such as images and relations using the available plug-ins.