The player in Helium is located at the bottom of the window.

Just above the player is the position slider located. The standard look of it is a normal slider, but this can be changed so that a waveform of the track or a spectrogram is shown instead.

To change the look of the position slider to a graphical position bar, click View > Show graphical position bar. Right-click the graphical position bar to change it's properties.

The player contains the following components, from left to right:

  • Back, plays the previous track in the Play queue
  • Play/pause
  • Stop
  • Next, skips to the next track in the Play queue
  • Album image. Click the image to show it larger in the buttons navigation bar.
  • Time played/total time. Click time played to toggle between elapsed and remaining time
  • Three information lines about the currently playing track. This information can be configured from Tools > Options > Visual > Player information.
  • Button which toggles visualizations on/off
  • Auto queue on/off. Right-click the icon to quickly change Auto queue mode.
  • Crossfade on/off
  • Play queue view, displays the Play queue view unless it is docked in the Right pane
  • Volume control, click the speaker icons to quickly set the volume to 0% or 100%
  • Tempo control. Make the playback run up to 30% slower or 30% faster. If the track contains BPM, the resulting BPM will be shown below the slider.
  • Toggle favourite track
  • Rating control
  • Drop-zone. Click this button to set the default playlist. If tracks or releases are dragged and dropped to this control, the contents will automatically be added to the selected default playlist.