Helium is able to handle multiple artists for each track. To add more than one artist to a specific track you use the Edit Multiple Artists tool. This tool is used from several tools in Helium Music Manager, the Tag Editor, the Advanced Tag Editor  the Quick Editor and the Subtracks Editor to just mention a few.

Using the Multiple Artist Editor

Each line in the multiple artist editor is separated into two columns; Command and Artist. Each artist involved in the track is listed with its name (the Artist column) and which function (the Command column) that artist has in the track. You can enter any command text you prefer, but a number are offered by default:

  • &
  • .
  • /
  • and
  • battles
  • feat.
  • joins
  • meets
  • mit
  • presents
  • with
  • vs.

Please note that you cannot enter a command for the first artist in the list. To add new artists to the list, click the + button. To remove the selected artist (line), click the - button.

To enter a command, select the command cell and start to write the desired command. The same applies to enter a artist name. You can also start the editing by pressing F2 or Enter, just as in the Tag Editor.

Move the selected artist Up/Down by clicking the Up/Down buttons.

Extracting multiple artists

To avoid manual typing, you can use the Extract Artists command to let Helium auto-extract artists from a certain text.


If the artist text in the first line is "DJ Tiesto feat. Barbarella vs. Nu-NRG", press the Extract button to extract artists automatically. The resulting commands and artists will be:

  • Artist: DJ Tiesto
  • Command: feat, Artist: Barbarella
  • Command: vs., Artist: Nu-NRG

As you may understand, this command can save you lots of time and typing!