You can control if words shall be replaced during the process of finding duplicates.

Configuring similar words will help the tool to get better match rates.

Assume that you would like to compare the following identical two tracks (seen to song length and bitrate):

  1. The Prodigy feat. Barns Courtney - Give me a signal
  2. Prodigy ft. Barns Courtney - Give me a signal

Despite the tracks may be an exact copy of eachother, the find duplicates tool will not report the matchs as 100% the same because of that they differ in artist and title; The Prodigy vs. Prodigy and feat. vs. ft.

By defining replacement rules used during the comparission you can force common terms such as "The" to be replaced with "empty" and "feat" to be replaced with the "ft" to increase the match rate.

If the above two replacements are defined (they are by default), the strings that will be used in the actual comparission will be:

  1. Prodigy ft. Barns Courtney - Give me a signal
  2. Prodigy ft. Barns Courtney - Give me a signal 

Since the comparissions now are identical, the result will be a 100% match if the bitrate and song length are also equal.

Only full words will be replaced during the comparission, partial replacements are not supported.

Defining words to replace

From the find duplicates tool, click the Settings button.

In the window that opens up, enter the term you would like to replace in the Source cell.

Enter the value source shall be replaced with in the Replacement cell.

From the example above, feat should be entered in the Source cell and ft shall be entered in the replacement cell.

Replacements are case insensitive. 

To add a new row, either click the Add button or press the Insert key when you have a cell focused.

To remove the selected row, click the Remove button or press the Del key when you have a cell focused.