Same-version policy

When purchasing Helium or Helium Streamer we apply a same-version policy. This means that you get all updates within that major version for free. 

Let's say that you purchase Helium 14 today. Your license key will be valid for all updates to Helium 14 (14.1, 14.2 and so on...). This is true not matter how early or late you purchase Helium 14.

One year policy

We also offer one year of free upgrades to next major version.

Again, let's say that you purchase Helium 14 today. If we release Helium 15 tomorrow you will receive a new license key for this version autoamtically. If we release Helium 15 within one year from your purchase (the date of purchase + 365 days) you will also receive a free upgrade.

This policy means that there is no better time to purchase Helium or Helium Streamer than right now. One purchased license will often be enough for two years of usage of Helium or Helium Streamer.


When you are no longer entitles for the same-version or one year policies we offer a 50% discount on the full price for Helium and Helium Streamer. This offer is available in the Customer Center.

The 50% discount is valid even if you have skipped several versions. E.g. if you own Helium 12 and want to upgrade to Helium 15 you only need to purchase the Helium 15 license, and at a 50% discounted price.

Have any other questions regarding our license policy? Let us know!