Starting with Helium 15.4 you can now tag files in powerful ways without the need of opening a tag editor tool!

By enabling edit mode in the track lists, either from the context menu Track list > Enable edit mode or by pressing shift+F2, the track list will work like the Tag Editor.

When edit mode is enabled a toolbar will be shown below the track list with the following contents:

  • A Tools button with commands such as extract, switch and apply which will perform a specific operation on the selected tracks
  • A toggle button which will control if the capitalizer will be active
  • A toggle button which will control if auto set sort order is active
  • An undo button which will rollback the changes without writing them to tags
  • An apply changes button that will apply the changes to tags and teh database

Tagging works very similar to the Tag editor, select a cell you would like to edit, press F2, Enter or start to type to modify the cells value.

Pressing delete will remove the contents for the selected cells, meaning that you can quickly remove unwanted content this way.

Some cells will have gray background to mark that they cannot be edited. Examples of such cells are typical read only values such as song length, bitrate and similar fields.

New batch tools available in the track list editors

To make the tagging just as quick as in the Tag Editor, we have exposed the following batch tools:

  • Multiple extract commands 
  • Multiple switch commands
  • Apply, Ctrl+D, which will apply the selected cells content to all tracks
  • Apply down, Ctrl+Shift+D, which will apply the selected cells content down in the track list
  • Auto-track (for numerical columns)
  • Capitalize which will apply capitalization to teh selected cells
  • A filename to tag feature which will allow you to extract one or more fields from the filenames of the selected cells.
  • Possibility to download track information on album level (based on selected tracks) for really quick tagging. For albums with multiple CDs, be sure to select the files for each CD for each download batch.

These batch tagging tools are available under the Tools button from the toolbar below the track list and from the context menu under Tagging tools.

Track list editing is available from the following views:

  • Music Explorer
  • Album details
  • Label details
  • Tracks
  • Genres
  • Years
  • My Computer

For the My Computer view, you do not need to have the files added to your library (but it will of course work with files in your library also)

Note: It’s not possible to edit subtracks from the track lists. You will need to use the Subtrack editor for that.