Since Helium version 17, support for old visualization plug-ins has been discontinues to favour a true 64-bit version of Helium.

As a replacement for the old plug-ins, we have added support for a new plug-and-play visualization technology based on so called shaders.

These visualizations comes with full hardware rendering support by using OpenGL and to get the most out of the visualizations it requires a "good" graphics card. Please note that certain shaders can consume more power than others.

Visualizations are available from:

  • The visualizations icon in the player (open the full screen view)
  • The right side bar under the visuals tab (docks the visualization in the right sidebar)

When the visualizations are shown, the following options can be accessed via the right-click menu:

  • Single: Shows a single visualization
  • Cycle: Cycle through a list of visualizations
  • Slide: Plays a specific slide show of visualizations
  • Load: Load a single visualization
  • Load slideshow: Load a defined slideshow of visualizations
  • Settings: Open settings

From Settings you can control:

  • The rendering quality. Lower quality yields faster execution
  • The cycle speed in seconds

Click here for information of how you can create visualizations