Helium allows you to easily download and manage pictures for your albums, artists and labels.

Downloading a specific album picture

For any view that shows album thumbnails you can quickly download a picture for a specific album by hovering the album and  click the (...) button and then choose Download picture...

You can also select the specific album and the right-click on it to show its context menu and from there choose Download picture...

After that the Download picture dialog will be shown and start to search for an album cover with the given input data from the album using all available download plug-ins.

If no results were found, you can change the search arguments and re-execute the search by clicking the Search button.

To apply a found picture, simply double-click on it

Applying pictures via drag and drop

You can quickly change a picture by dragging either a picture file to an artist thumbnail or by dragging an image from a web-browser to the artist thumbnail.

Artist pictures

The exact same function for album pictures are also available for artists.

Downloading multiple pictures

From any view that supports artist or album thumbnails you can also download multiple pictures at a time.

To perform this operation simply click Tools > Pictures > Download album pictures... or Tools > Pictures > Download artist pictures...

When you do this, a new window will be opened showing all entries that were visible in the view you started the tool from.
This means that you can easily filter out which albums or artists you would like to work with, by applying a filter in the parent view before starting the tool.

When the tool starts it will not start to search directly, instead you will need to select which items to download.
Each item will have an associated checkbox control above it's picture.
By checking this checkbox, you select the item for downloading. 

Control the maximum amount of pictures that should be downloaded for each item by changing the value in Maximum pictures per item to download. A smaller value will improve overall speed.

The default value is zero which means no limit (it will be limited by the number of available pictures each plug-in can find).

To start downloading results for the selected items, click the Download button.

During the download process, results will be shown once found and you can start to view them whilst the total download process is still running.

Each item that got results will be shown with a green background together with a text above the image which shows which result that you are currently viewing. 

To view another result, use the arrow controls to the left and right of the image to browse the results. 

To discard downloaded results for a specific item, right-click the item and select Discard.

When you have adjusted all results and would like to apply them to your Library, click the Save button.