Starting with Helium 12, some common functions have been migrated to scripts instead of static menu functions and/or actions as in prior versions of Helium.

Examples of these type of functions are:

  • Calculate AcoustIds for the selected files
  • Calculate Bpm for the selected files
  • Delete all tags for the selected files
  • Delete Id3v1 and Lyrics3 tags for the selected files
  • Export the selected files to a specific playlist format
  • Create a list for the selected files/albums

The good thing with having these functions available as scripts is that they can easily be extended or modified to suit your specific needs without having to implement an actual new function in the application.

Some other scripts are also shipped with the application that does housekeeping works:
  • Clear non-existing album pictures
  • Clear non-existing artist pictures
  • Update artist pictures based on filenames from a specific folder
  • Fix album folders, a script which will cleanup invalid album paths in your library. Useful if you have had a database for many years and different Helium versions and have been moving your music around different paths.

You can also create your own scripts to create specific automated functions, please click here to read more about creating scripts.

Please note that some of the tasks are also available from the Action Manager, meaning that you do not need to write/execute scripts to use the functions.

Click here to read more about the Action Manager.