To find dupliate files with Helium, click TOOLS > Find duplicates.

When the tool starts, it will perform a scan based on the current settings of your library.

The following settings are available in the right pane:

  • Song length tolerance - Controls how large differences in songlengths that should be used when identifying duplicates. The smaller value set, the more precise the comparission will be.
  • Compare by - Allows you to choose what data to use in comparissions, title or a combination of artist and title. The comparission works with phonetic algorithms to tolerate misspelings.
  • Find duplicates in - Alows you to control if duplicates should be scanned for your entire library or for a specific root folder.
  • File type - Allows you to select a specific file type

When the scanning is completed, the results will be presented grouped by the Compare by setting in a list.

The Match score column will show a percentual value ranging from 0 (bad match) to 100 (perfect match) for each hit.


  • Click the Filter button to select a more precise filter interval based on the match score
  • Click the Select button to select all/no tracks
  • Click the Properties¬†button to view properties for the checkmarked files
  • Click the Compare by Acoust Id button to compare the checkmarked tracks using digital each files digital footprint. The result will be shown in a grouped view based on which files that have the same digital footprint or not
  • Click the Remove checkmarked button to remove the checkmarked files
  • Click the Settings¬†button to control replacement of words used whilst comparing duplicates.
    Click here to read more about settings

Note: Helium 13 used checkmarks for selections whilst Helium 12 used selected items.

Identfying duplicate albums

Click the albums tab to identify duplicate albums. The comparission algorithm for identifying duplicate albums is different, it will use combinations of total length, total number of tracks and more logic.

Identified duplicates will be presented in the same way as duplicate tracks.