The release details view is shown if you double click an release.

The top section contains summarized information about the album:

  • Album artist
  • Album name
  • Release type and release year
  • Label
  • Is favourite control (it is possible to toggle the state by clicking this control)
  • Rating

Click the Similar button to show similar albums in your collection.

It is possible to collapse the summary area by clicking the icon to the left of the cog-icon in the top right corner.

Below the summary a tab control is shown with the following tabs:

  • Tracks
    Displays a list of all tracks from the release, grouped by CD if there are more than one CDs on the release.
  • Statistics
    Presents playing statistics from the album (hidden if there are no statistics)
  • Album review
    Displays the album review (if any) as well as it allows you to edit the album review by clicking the pen icon.

It is possible to configure the background for each album by clicking the cog icon.