I have one or more files that are not properly read, cannot be added to the library or cause a crash when they are used with Helium. What can I do?


First you need to find out what file (or files) that is causing your problems. Once you have you can contact us from our support portal, You should prepare to share the files with us using a file-sharing service of your choise such as Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTransfer et al.

How do I find out which file that cannot be added to the library?

When you use the Add files to library tool, it will generate a file containing a list of files that could not be added to the library. The path to this file will be shown when the adding as been completed.

Open this file in any text editor to see find all problematic files.

Some files were not updated after tagging with any of Heliums tag editors

There can be several reasons for this issue:

  • Your user might not have permissions to write to the files
  • The files are write-protected
  • The files contains broken tags

If you suspect that a file is broken, you can use Heliums file analyser tool to see if this is the case (for MP3 and FLAC files).